RNLI crew get creative

Aunty Jo, Mia, Jorge, Bex, Uncle Chris and Andres

The tables were set out ready for a painting session. Paints, felt tips and pebbles were just waiting for the crew to get creative. There were examples that other people had already done to give inspiration but none was needed as the volunteers came armed with ideas. This session was the crew’s turn to take part in the RNLI Community Pebble-Painting project which has been going on for a few months now. The aim is to produce more than 900 painted pebbles which will be cemented into a pavement as a permanent memorial in the village to remember the members of the Mary Stanford lifeboat which sank in 1928 with the loss of all 17 crew.

Kaitlyn, great-granddaughter of LOM Tony Edwards, with her special pebble

The results were brilliant and the room buzzed with activity. Some crew members painted three pebbles and a lovely touch was that each one who took part proudly painted his or her crew number on one of their pebbles.

The mother of crew member Joseph Brown came with her friend Jane to paint some too. Jean has been involved with the RNLI as a fundraiser and other supporting roles for more than 20 years, and this year marks the 30th year of involvement with the station for her husband: truly a dedicated RNLI family. Having thoroughly enjoyed themselves Jean said: “We spent an amazing morning painting pebbles for the memorial. It is such a lovely idea to bring so many people together on a project that will bring pleasure to so many families in the village who were directly affected 90 years ago. A testimony to the bravery of those men in 1928 will be right in the heart of the village.”

Other families came to a second workshop in the afternoon: Mia, Jorge, Aunty Jo and Uncle Chris, Bex and Andres worked with enthusiasm and created some beautiful pebble designs. Jorge, aged five said: “We had the best time ever.”  Mia his older sister said she enjoyed it too. Aunty Jo commented as she left: “It is a wonderful way to honour the RNLI in the village. To think that we can come down year in and year out and see our handiwork is amazing. It is wonderful to be a part of this project and we are hoping that there will be more workshops.”

Image Credits: kt Bruce.


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