The craft makers shop


Half way up Market Road is a small shop called “Rye’s Handmade’” with a window full of local crafts, brought together by Susan Morris. Susan is a stained glass artist herself and thought up the idea of opening this little jewel of a shop to display and sell all kinds of handmade items. The whole idea was to make the business as simple as possible for the local craft makers, many of whom are recognisable from local fairs

Lanterns by Susan Morris

There are 25 different makers filling the space, all local to Rye. Susan vets all the work, ensuring it is well made and attractive enough to show. The crafts on sale include jewellery, soft toys, knitted goods, pictures, in fact anything that fits the Rye’s handmade description. Some of the work is shown in the pictures, but there is much more and a visit will open up an Aladdin’s cave of goodies.

A typical shelf display

Each maker has a shelf, or more if they want, to set up and leave, different from the craft fairs they often go to, where travel, set up and take down can be time consuming and potentially expensive. The shop provides them with a showcase which each individual can change as they want. There is a  deliberate mix, not a certain look, as handmade items are as unique as the next maker who comes through the door.

The shop is open 6 days a week, from 10am until 5pm, Susan herself is there on Thursdays and Saturdays if you want to speak to her, or contact her on the shop email or her website.

Image Credits: Gillian Roder.


  1. This shop is indeed a real gem in our town. A variety of lovely things to purchase to suit most purchasers, particularly if you are looking for presents. Susan is very clever and came to our aid when we needed to replace some lead glass windows.


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