RYA says ‘thank you’ to Rye sailor

Richard Hopper from Rye Harbour Sailing Club was applauded by the Royal Yachting Association for his dedicated work in promoting the sport of sailing at an awards ceremony and exclusive luncheon

Loss leader, Mr Hickling?

Local conservation group Winchelsea Heritage is worried that Rother's planning department is "'losing" letters sent by Winchelsea residents. Two letters are known to have gone missing and the group's concern is that Rother is so keen to cut costs by encouraging the public to use email that it might have cut corners in the mailroom

Santa changes the day

Santa is coming to town. The date is fixed but not the one we thought it was. He'll be in Rye, ho-ho-ho-ing, on Saturday December 6. If that weren't enough, there'll be another Santa the following Saturday, too. This time down on The Strand - arriving by boat

Tilling unites behind Mapp & Lucia

When the BBC presented a preview of the forthcoming Mapp and Lucia series filmed in the town during the summer, the reception was unanimously enthusiastic. But while the two socialite rivals might be the principal characters, the real star is our location

Here to help those who help others

The Rye Fund has again given away £7,000 in grants to local voluntary and charitable groups. But the list of recipients is not growing and the fund would like to help more of the smaller groups in town. So help yourselves: apply for a grant

Victory for Peasmarsh surgery

The long, frustrating battle to open a satellite surgery in Peasmarsh has finally been won. NHS England said 'yes' at the end of an appeal hearing. Gill Clamp reports

Scorcher the magic dragon

It's back at its fiery best: Rye Bonfire Society's hydraulic, propane-powered metal beast. And it's a marvel to behold, as all who saw it will attest

Fawkes, flames and fireworks

The popular torchlight parade wound through the town on Saturday November 8 as part of the annual bonfire celebrations. At the march's end thousands watched a spectacular firework display, writes Tony McLaughlin

TLC – courtesy of an odd job man

Powerful differences of opinion surfaced at Monday's special meeting of Rye council: would the town spend money on an odd job man or tackle traffic issues? Nick Taylor reports

News flash . . . on wind farm

Last Monday night's storms, which disturbed so many sleepers, demonstrated that the power of a wind turbine is as nothing compared with that of lightning

A job to keep up appearances

Whether you want one or not, Rye will have a town steward. The job is actually on probation - for a year's trial period. Nick Taylor rolls up his sleeves to find out what the job is all about

Lions seek aid for Ebola orphans

The deaths caused by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa have left more than 4,000 children orphaned. A local charity is trying to help and asks for your support

Sacrifice goes up in smoke

The nation's symbol of remembrance - the poppy - was burnt as part of Rye Bonfire Night on Saturday. It is now the subject of debate. Here Colonel Anthony Kimber, a former serving soldier and president of the Rye & District Royal British Legion, tells us why this was, at best, ill-judged

Get into a great guide now

The Rye Bay Guide is recognised as a cut above similar publications and now is the time for advertisers and sponsors to make sure they are included in the 2015 edition

Rye’s burning issue – parking

It has happened again. Rye News - again - has the photos that show we need leadership, not words, if the town is to avoid a shameful incident: an emergency in which lives are lost or a part of the Citadel is destroyed because of the commonplace: cars, lorries, vans parked where they will. Tuesday's fire highlighted the fact that controls are needed. It leaves Rye's citizens wondering who will finally DO something

Bang goes the post

Police are appealing for witnesses and information after a commercial post box in Rye Road, Rye Foreign, and another in Wittersham Road, Iden, were damaged. Locals told police that during the...

Landgate: action at last

Finally, there is movement in the sad saga of Rye's ionic tower and gateway. Nick Taylor pieces together the latest developments

Someone at Bexhill sees the light

Once upon a time the Planning and Environmental Enforcement department at Bexhill exercised its bureaucracy to extinguish an illuminated sign that wished you a cheery Christmas. And so Rye entered an age of darkness. But, lo, upon a building it shines again. Tony Nunn tells the story that's hard to believe. Or is it?

Couple raise cash for cystinosis

Last weekend saw children on the streets "trick or treating", pumpkins carved into jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing and houses decorated to celebrate Halloween. But for one local family decorating their house is done not just for fun, but also to raise much-needed money for a special charity. Dan Lake reports

Rockets – and road closures

Remember, remember the 8th of November: Bonfire Night in Rye can be a nightmare for unwary motorists, with roads closed all around the town. If you are "travelling through", the following advice might help tempers from exploding in your own car