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School’s back with morning mayhem

Around one in three children have had a serious accident or a near miss in the morning mayhem of getting ready for school . . . and spilled hot drinks top the list of dangers. Almost 10,000 under-16s were admitted to the Conquest's A&E department last year. As families prepare for the return to school Tony McLaughlin reports in our Living section on some problems highlighted by the Child Accident Prevention Trust and the top five risks.

One rule for some . . .

Most motorists and cyclists in Rye obey the laws. Others flaunt breaking them, then become upset if challenged . . . as if being wrong is right

Bus only choice for many

More than a quarter of Rye's residents have no access to a car or van and rely on bus services, say official statistics. But the county council proposes big cuts to local 326 and Dial-a-Ride services. Make your views plain by completing a survey available in the public library

Parked cars block firemen

Firemen responding to a 999 call in the historic Citadel were twice blocked by parked cars in a high fire risk area of densely packed old houses. Luckily no one was injured but parking problems are a contentious issue as discussions continue on the Neighbourhood Plan.

It’s yo ho ho time on the Strand

This year's Maritime Festival will be the 10th and will take place on Sunday August 31 which is later in the year than usual due to exceptionally low tides

Europe’s open, we’re shut

The Heritage Open Day weekend allows free access to buildings that are usually closed to the public or for which there is an admission fee. But buildings in Rye are missing from this Europe-wide list which ranges from government buildings in Whitehall normally kept firmly under lock and to residential houses of architectural interest. Seana Lanigan reports.

Six aside coming soon

With cricket coming to an end, and the nights beginning to close in, you may fear the worst - too much television - but fear not as the excitement of another football season is here. ... and it is only six a side.... and open to all ages and abilities

Fairlight’s secrets revealed

Fairlight's hidden secrets include a bunker under the Fire Hills - and a dinosaur's footprints. Haydon Luke reveals these secrets in his new book about this pretty Sussex village

Ten seconds to defeat

Harvesting, holidays and weddings meant the 2nd XI only had 10 players, six of whom were first-timers, and so they lost to Crowhurst Park. But the Under-16s (who were mostly under 15 and 14) came second in their Division in the Sussex Juniors Cricket Festival. Martin Blincow reports and bowls 1 for 22

Recruiting to help find employment

The Rye Partnership's rural employability project is proving a great success in supporting local people back into employment. Several recent roadshow/ recruitment events have all proved successful in recruiting staff for local businesses

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