Monthly Archives: May 2015

Darts: Close victory for hosts

LETS PLAY DARTS: Rye hosted Brighton Red Oaks at the Granary on Wednesday evening. Read Shane Ridger's match report here

The sun shines for Rye 10 miles

Members of Rye Runners took part in a challenging 10 mile run around Peasemarsh and Beckley on Sunday May 24. Competitor, Katie Gurney, tells the story.

Tales of a transport campaigner

Derrick Coffee, a seasoned transport campaigner, spoke at Rother Environmental Group to reveal some of the shocking facts behind the decision to build the Bexhill Link Road. His latest campaign concerns a new train stop at Glyne Gap. Christopher Strangeways reports.

Vinnie helps save lives

Rother Responders came to Winchelsea to deliver training to residents about dealing with cardiac arrests and using their new Public Access Defibrillator

River rescue saves dog owner

A spaniel and its female owner were rescued from the depths of the river at Rye Harbour by RNLI volunteers, after the dog ran over the retaining sea wall

Competitive week for dancers

Pupils of Rye Dance Centre will be competing in the Ore Dance Festival being held at the Milligan Theatre, Rye College, this week from...

When Morris men dance

Traditions of Merrie England still hold their appeal for spectators and performers alike as Morris men perform to the sound of music in front of Rye Town Hall

High Street beer house uncovered

The Purdie Gallery on the HIgh Street had a former life as a beer house called the Pig and Whistle. David Russell, in the 11th edition of his Beer and Skittles series, investigates the origin of the name

Pete’s much more than tea and cake

Pete Anderson at Fletcher’s House is a familiar figure in Rye, so you might feel he doesn’t need any introduction. But Dee Alsey, in the second of her 'Ryers Unwrapped' series of interviews, thinks you’re in for a surprise. He gives his clients more than traditional good customer service 

Baaa-rrmy lamb goes for a spin

This lamb didn't have much going for it: it was rejected by its mother at birth and was very weak. The stark choices were Shanks's pony or end up as a lamb shank. Then the farmer decided to ask for help from a local sanctuary in Iden - this is Emma's tale

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