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Buy outstanding art!

The Rye Society of Artists (RSA) kicks off its Summer Exhibition throughout August (open daily 10:30am - 5:30pm from August 1) at its new...

Smacking on the speed

John Wylson describes a trip in a vintage sailing smack (and a previous visitor to Rye) across the North Sea to a meeting of similar vessels in South West Norway

Graffiti adds to cellar tours

Torrential rain did not stop 60 visitors turning out to join a tour of Winchelsea's medieval wine cellars.

ARRCC celebrates with Open Day

ARRCC will be holding an Open Day and Creative Arts Exhibition at the Rye Creative Centre in New Road on Friday, August 7 from 12...

Better than previous eyesore?

A new building is nearly finished. The landmark crane is finally removed. But is it "simply hideous" as one reader writes in a letter, or will it fit in with other Rye frontages ? Or is it part of "skyline creep" hiding and obscuring Rye's historic rooftops. Kenneth Bird has an opinion.

New building ‘simply hideous’

Have you seen that ghastly new building in Cinque Ports Street? Now they have uncovered it, it looks simply hideous, quite out of keeping....

Rethink for Tilling Green?

Local resident John Wylie thinks a change must be made to plans for Tilling Green redevelopment

‘Operation Radcott’ beaches

Operation Radcott springs into action in the summer holidays and the offices for the police and Rother District Council are kept busy, as hundreds and sometimes thousands, crowd on to Camber Sands - arriving by train, bus and car, sometimes with massive tailbacks, often with children who then get lost, and always a potential source of trouble.

Council lists its concerns

The redevelopment of the former school in Tilling Green, now used as a community centre, continues to raise questions and concerns at the Town Council's Planning Committee as well as rousing strong opinions amongst those most directly affected

Complaints fly at Town Hall

The Union Jack flying over the Town Hall looks a bit tatty, say visitors, as do the flowers around the base of Rye's War Memorial. But Town Councillors are on the job, and so is the Town Clerk. The only obstacle - seagulls

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