Once upon a time – in Rye

The filming of Mapp and Lucia in town might have inspired the grown-ups to read - or reread - the books by EF Benson, but do the town's youngsters know about the really good stories for them that are set in Rye?

Let’s go to the movies!

A female Captain Marvel soars across the screen this week

Cardboard Carnival of the Animals

A puppet theatre show that will with appeal to young and old

Entertaining Mr Stone at Wipers

Featuring the group "Entertaining Mr Stone", the Ypres Castle Inn held a very enjoyable Sunday session

Winchelsea Pirate singers

Winchelsea singers make excellent pirates

Niel Du Preez at Winchelsea

A much-enjoyed pianist returns to Winchelsea arts programme

Fascinating reconstruction art

Reconstruction art is something different. Find out more

Operational difficulties

The town is buzzing - with performers, spectators, music lovers, would-be dancers, artists, artistes and plain old residents. And away from the limelight a lot of chat goes on. Rye News is keeping its ear to the ground . . .

The man who spoke in pictures

Here is an opportunity to see a classic film from the 1950s showing at the Kino

Mr Bach Entertains

An evening of quality music

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