Hastings moves to Rye

A murderous duo will be in Rye signing copies of their latest books in next month

Dry January? Try Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, AKA Mardi Gras, AKA Fat Tuesday, is your chance to indulge before embarking on your Lenten fasting. Hastings offers a lot more than pancakes. Get some soul food and join in with the street celebrations - particularly if you had a "dry January" after your Christmas boozing

Death on the pile!

The Arts Festival takes on the movies

Floods of musical entertainment

The School Creative Centre, inhabited by ARRCC and the New Road Artists, will become one of the Rye Arts Festival venues on September 19, when it hosts the David Flood Trio

A Very Good Sort of Man

A new book on the life of Dr Charles Lewis Meryon of Rye has been published

Flying in for the festival

World class musicians are coming to Rye.

Rave reviews for Sondheim in Rye

A fully professional performance of Sondheim's music

Jazz Festival holiday highlights

So many events and so much entertainment at the Jazz Festival

Jazzing up the Mermaid

Famous artistes are once again coming to the Mermaid for an evening of jazz virtuosity

Covering all the angles

Seven up for podcast

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