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Rye, Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital Ltd held a fundraiser Fashion Bazaar at Udimore church hall on Friday April 5 in the evening. A wonderful display of beautiful vintage clothes was put together by Jane Conlin. Dresses and accessories from the Funky Hen Secret Boutique, run by Sandra and Chris Clark and silver jewellery from Christina Pyemont were spread across the hall for people to look at and try on. Sandie Knight was showing her crochet goods in lovely colours and designs.

Gorgeous vintage hats

A good number of people attended and as this was the first time an informal fashion event in Udimore had been held as a fundraiser, it was encouraging to see new faces. Sandra Clark, of Funky Hen, said the start had been quite slow but custom had speeded up after the first half hour. Her rails of colour coordinated clothes attracted a lot of interest and the handbags walked off the shelves!

Christina Pyemont makes beautiful silver pieces guided by nature and the sea. Her earrings particularly took people’s fancy and there were some delightful pendants. She trades as cpinksilver and you can contact her on 07798 686303.

Jane Conlin had put together a delightful selection of vintage dresses, skirts and coats, with hats to go with them. A number of profitable sales had been made before the event and the garments on display were a pleasure to see. We are lucky to have such experts to help.

Thank you so much to all the contributors and backstage staff for making this event happen and putting in so much effort. Jane, Sandra and Sandie are planning to sell more items at our annual fete, being held this year on June 1 at the Hospital.

All donations to the Rye, Winchelsea and District hospital charity are welcomed. Contact Francesca Clent on

Image Credits: Gillian Roder .

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