Tilling unites behind Mapp & Lucia

When the BBC presented a preview of the forthcoming Mapp and Lucia series filmed in the town during the summer, the reception was unanimously enthusiastic. But while the two socialite rivals might be the principal characters, the real star is our location

The best panto? It’s behind you!

Acting Up in Rye is staging the pantomime "Old Mother Hubbard" on Friday and Saturday. Here's a few verses to whet your appetite and get you in the panto mood

Honeymoon with Rye goes on

Jean Floyd isn’t a Ryer – but she knows it better than most. She has a detailed knowledge of the town's history and a handle on its future - as a director of the local museum and as a webmaster, too. Dee Alsey went to meet the woman who first fell in love with Rye just after marrying husband Barry in 1953

Mapp, me and the magic . . .

It was a night for the Beeb's glittering stars as Ryers were treated to an advance showing of the first episode of "Mapp and Lucia". The other stars were there too: prime among them our chocolate box streets and well, me, actually, writes the man loved by the director's lens, our Tony McLaughlin

Musical feast for festive season

Rye Bay Ensemble & Crew will be performing traditional and contemporary Christmas music - Tudor and Elizabethan songs, excerpts from Messiah and something a tad more modern - while diners enjoy a three-course meal at The Queens Head, Rye

A classic weekend revs up

Rye will host the annual classic car rally on Sunday November 16 as part of the 1950s celebration that is Rhythm Riot weekend at Camber Sands. This coincides with the opening of another new shop on the High Street when the Vintage Stockroom, selling Americana from the 1940s and 1950s, opens its doors on Saturday November 15 at 11am. So this weekend expect fabulous fenders, dapper drainpipes and a profusion of polka dots

A boy’s life as it’s lived

It's an unusual approach: the life of Mason, from a boy of five to a young man of 18, filmed over 12 years with...

Couples come dine on TV

Did you miss your chance of five minutes of fame when "Mapp and Lucia" were in town? Never mind: Channel 4's "Come Dine With Me" are continuing their scouting for a new series featuring couples in the kitchen

Things that go bump in the evening

Richard Crowest chilled a few nerves and raised a few goose bumps with his storytelling at Lamb House on an autumnal Sunday afternoon. Tim Redfern huddled in the twilight as the weather outside added to the haunting sounds

Bonfires and teetotal torture

This week: flame-coloured bonfire buys, cake and cocktails. Plus Britainy has a bone to pick with some of you. Listen up. You won't want to fall foul of her . . .

The ghosts of Rye . . .

With lights flickering in nooks and crannies and shadows lengthening along cobbled streets, the town's interesting history of smugglers and pirates lends itself to a ghostly tale or two. Here's a poem about grizzly goings-on in the citadel . . .

Solo composer to piano soloist

Alexander Chapman-Campbell started composing at 12, but always in secret - until his debut album, "Sketches of Light", launched him into the spotlight. On Saturday November 15 he will be performing his own music at Wittersham

Gallery is younger, edgier

The current exhibition at Rye Art Gallery, the first curated by new director Jane Venn, signals a change of direction towards an edgier gallery. Britainy Rae approves

Local poet at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the grand setting for a reading of poems by Jonty Driver, who lives at Mill Corner, Northiam (Jane Nunn writes). The poems, entitled Requiem, will...

Then and now: what’s changed?

If you thought climate change and banks going bust were confined to the 21st century, you'd be wrong. The Rye Medieval Conference showed that our current ills are merely repeats of what happened many years ago

Couples: serve up a laugh on TV

"Come Dine With Me", the hit TV show, has a new twist: couples dishing up the dinners. And the organisers are looking for couples living in this area to take part - so, if you like turning out tasty titbits together, here's your chance for four minutes of fame

(Not so) strange acts at Lamb House

TIm Redfern talks to Patrick and Jacquetta Rogers, the current tenants of this magnificent National Trust property, about their busy year, filling the house and garden with visitors - and a BBC film crew - and of their plans for forthcoming events

Dames, dogs and dukes

Rehearsals are in full swing for the pantomime "Old Mother Hubbard", which will be performed at Rye Community Centre in late November. With star-crossed lovers, a dastardly duke and a host of comic characters, this wittily scripted production promises an evening of laughter, banter and "he's behind you"

Film club’s comedy treat

The title of the November feature at Rye Film Club is almost a short story in itself: The 100-year-old Man who Climbed out the...

Wow, what a show!

A gifted musician provided a lovely afternoon of entertainment for Wurlitzer fans last weekend writes Glen Twamley.