A Clam in Camber

The Clam
Vegan tahini, blood orange and pistachio on sourdough.

The Clam is a new eatery in Camber (is it a cafe, is it a restaurant – somewhere between the two, perhaps – and with an unpretentious interior  that belies the trendy and tasty food for breakfast or brunch.

Start with a fresh fruit and veg smoothie. Then into a full breakfast, or a veggie one, if you prefer.

The simple, but effective interior

With sourdough bread from The Lazy Baker,  absolutely yummy cakes from Rosie, both of the Whitehouse, in Rye fame, and meat from Jamie Wickens of Winchelsea, the quality of ingredients speak for themselves.

On a recent visit I had the mushrooms, spring onion, chopped walnut and parsley on sourdough and can’t wait to try it again.

The coffee is excellent too.

A lunch menu and possibly tacos is to follow.

The Clam is on15 Lydd Road, ask for Ted (who is a film star in the making) and see more on their Facebook page.

Image Credits: Carol Macdonald , The Clam .


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