A quiz for Easter

Peasmarsh church - dressed for Easter.

Questions on the Bible:
1. Who was a keeper of sheep whilst his brother was a tiller of the ground?
2. Where did the Ark come to rest?
3. What two birds did Noah send forth from the Ark?
4. What was the sign that there should not be another great flood?
5. What tower was built so that its top might reach unto heaven?
6. Who was turned into a pillar of salt?
7. Who was commanded to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering?
8. Who had a coat of many colours?
9. Who was hidden in a ark of bulrushes?
10. Who found and looked after this child?
11. What sea had the Israelites to cross when they went out of Egypt?
12. Where were the Ten Commandments given to the children of Israel?
13. What city walls fell down flat after a great shout?
14. Whom did Joshua make ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’?
15. Who was the priestess who inspired Barak against Sisera?
16. Who smote a nail through the temples of Sisera?
17. Can you add the missing word to the battle- cry ‘The sword of the Lord, and of ?
18. What victorious leader had to sacrifice his daughter to fulfil a vow?
19. From what city did Samson bear away the gates?
20. Who gleaned in the field of Boaz?
21. Who was the child who heard God call his name?
22. Whom did Samuel choose to be King?
23. What boy played well on the harp?
24. What giant did he slay?
25. Who led a revolt against David?
26. Who asked for an understanding heart or wisdom?
27. What great building did he build?
28. What Queen made a visit to Solomon with ‘a very great train’?
29. On what mountain did Elijah triumph over the prophets of Baal?
30. What did Ahab covet and his wife Jezebel wrongfully obtain for him?


1. Abel. His brother Cain was a tiller of the ground
2. The mountains of Ararat
3. First a raven, then a dove
4. A rainbow
5. Tower of Babel
6. Lot’s wife
7. Abraham
8. Joseph
9. Moses
10. The daughter of Pharaoh
11. The Red Sea
12. On Mount Sinai
13. The walls of Jericho
14. The Gibeonites
15. Deborah
16. Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite
17. ‘The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon’
18. Jephthah
19. Gaza
20. Ruth
21. Samuel
22. Saul
23. David
24. Goliath
25. Absalom, son of David
26. Solomon
27. The Temple of Jerusalem
28. Queen of Sheba
29. Mount Carmel
30. Naboth’s vineyard

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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