A seal of approval

A visiting family enjoying the sand

Therapy is a relatively small word but a very big subject and very much in the public domain given recent events, affecting so many people, particularly in these difficult times. Dealing with stress, family issues or bereavment can take its toll on all of us, we all deal with lifes issues in different ways. Some turn to religion, others to medication but whatever the remedy of choice, mental health and wellbeing issues are very much in the news at the moment.

Wild and free, so theraputic to watch

One solution to coping with life’s day to day trials and tribulations is to take advantage of enjoying the fresh air and freedom to walk. If you are lucky enough to live locally or have time during your visit to Rye, simply take a walk along Rye Harbour, the surrounding countryside is stunning, very relaxing and there is always something to see.

Not the Loch Ness monster, seals enjoying life at Rye Harbour.

One bonus this year are the seals, so many of them and such beautiful creatures, forget your pills and potions, put away the glossy magazines telling you how to cope with life and instead, enjoy this natural beauty right on our doorstep, seals are plentiful this year, they are a real pleasure to watch and are guaranteed to take your mind off all life’s issues and bring a smile to your face.

Seals at Rye Harbour, what a lovely sight.

Dont take my word for it, try it yourself, therapy at it’s best and, it’s free!

Thank you to Carolyn Gould for forwarding these photos to me.

Image Credits: Carolyn Gould .


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