All the eights, eighty eight

A busy Tilling Green community centre for the final bingo evening of the year.

Rye News has a new recruit to its writing staff and Axa Arcadia’s first report is on bingo – a long-running local attraction as the photo above from 2016 shows.

I attended Tilling Green Residents’ Association Bingo last Thursday, February 21, an event  held every month at the Tilling Green community centre. This community event has been running for the past seven years. This is a low-cost fun night out to socialise. On arrival I was greeted by Janet and Lynn, who sell the bingo books, and Shirley who sells the raffle tickets.

Chairman Dan Lake, said: “We regularly get between 50-70 people through the door each month but we are in desperate need for more volunteers to help on the night.”

Players are asked to bring a prize each month to contribute to the raffle instead of an entry fee. Strips of bingo tickets vary from £1.50 to £8, depending on the book bought. Each bingo book contains eight games, and after four games refreshments are served. At half time the raffle is drawn.

Tilling Green bingo is run on the third Thursday of every month with the next one on Thursday, March 21. Doors open at 7pm. It’s a fun and competitive night and you can win cash, the amount dependent on the numbers attending (£10 to £20). So come along and socialise with friends.

Image Credits: Rye News library .



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