Camber’s wedding showcase

Wedding marquee

Eucalyptus and rosemary were the scents at the opening of the wedding showcase at the Gallivant hotel in Camber on September 23.

For those that know the Gallivant it will not come a surprise that both the venue and all that is on offer is of the best quality. The hotel has a reputation for local food and wines, of which Chapel Down’s are a particular delight. I have found that catering for vegans and vegetarians can be narrow but with the rise of both those lifestyles it will undoubtedly improve, The veggie canapés were really good. And the cakes from Rosie Bates, now of the Whitehouse in Rye High Street are heavenly with wow factor looks to tempt all.

Cakes to die for, from Rosie Bates of the Whitehouse

Music at this event was supplied by “Wedding Jam” and photos by the talented Matilda Delves, who is most concerned with pre-wedding pictures to get to know you and put you at your ease,

I was impressed by “Hire Love” an eclectic prop company in Kent. You would be hard to find a better company to give your day that uber-trendy look with really interesting and up to the minute artefacts that would be the “icing on the cake” of the decor for anyone’s big day.

A lot has already been said about the Gallivan’ts superb location, (by the dunes and sea) also its style ( laid back, think Hamptons, Long Island) and decor of beach hut plus fire and rugs generating warmth and comfort. 

Without a doubt, the Gallivant is able to meet their claim ‘To soothe the fevered brow of any anxious bride to be’ 

There is of course more to a local venue apart from wedding dreams. For Ryers and Camber residents ( yes that means you at White Sands too!) on Mondays, for example, enjoy a three course set dinner for £20. There are special offers on a regular basis, get on on the mailing list (from their website) to be told availability.

The Gallivant’s motto is Eat – Sleep – Beach,  and the hotel is in New Lydd Road, Camber . 

Photos: The Gallivant


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