Comedy? Maybe, maybe not

"Winter'", the compere for the night

It was a late decision to join my friends at the Lone Star Comedy Club in the The George in the High Street, last Friday, September 14. I was told that no tickets were available but my pleading worked and a young man found me a chair at my friends’ table.

Initially some of us were confused when the show started as we were told the guy joking with the audience was just the compere called Winter. He was quite funny.

Stand up comedy isn’t really my favourite entertainment but I sacrificed myself for this paper. Both the compere and the first of two comedians, Russell Hicks, captured the audience’s attention and got them laughing.

The room was packed and everyone was very attentive
The room was packed and everyone was very attentive

Before the second act which was going to be Ben Norris, a paella supper was produced. I did not have this so can’t comment but most plates were empty, so was probably good. After the meal, compere Winter came on again but I have to say that this time the subject he chose, was not amusing to me but the audience would not be deterred and seemed to find it funny. I left before the second comedian Ben Norris started his slot.

When living in London I used to go to a comedy club but there, the visitors had the option to boo off whoever they thought was not funny. It might sound cruel but was quite hilarious. The comedians knew the deal which made people feel better.

If you want to find out about other events at The George, phone 01797 222 114 or visit them online.

Photos: Heidi Foster


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