Community Garden receives a gift

Dominic Manning gives thanks to Madeleine Eve (left) and Jane Conlin

On Monday, July 8 the community garden in Love Lane hosted a picnic for all. Everybody brought food and drinks, including meat for the barbecue to share.

Bring and share was the order of the day

It was a diverse gathering, also including people from Transition Rye, and from Extinction Rebellion, who are having a meeting on July 15 in the Benson room at the George hotel.

5-a-day, all on one plate

However, there was also a special reason for this meeting. It was to say thank you to Madeleine Eve and Jane Conlin, members of the now-defunct Rye in Bloom.. With the help of others involved in the project at the time, they helped organise for the substantial sum of £800 to be transferred from the Rye in Bloom account to the community garden committee.

A tree planted in memory of John Howlett

Rye in Bloom lasted for many years with dedicated people raising money to continue the beautiful hanging baskets and flower troughs outside shops throughout the town. Sadly. eight years ago, it ended as no-one was prepared to take on the task and the raised money left in the kitty was designated for a garden charity which was a blessing for the community garden.



Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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