Do you know what’s in it?

No jumbo in this gumbo during a fairly recent Wild Boar week in Rye, but how well do you know your menus ?

This week’s quiz features food and drink just as we start thinking about more exotic diets for the Christmas and New Year period.

1 Shirley, Ailsa Craig and Mr Stripey are all types of what?
2 Eccles cakes come from which UK county?
3 Gruyère is a cheese from which country?
4 Which flower does the spice saffron come from?
5 If you ordered nigiri from a Japanese restaurant menu, what would you be served?
6 In Indonesian and Malay cuisine what does the word ‘nasi’ refer to?
7 Which type of beans are used to make baked beans?
8 Montmorency and Napoleon are varieties of what fruit ?
9 Mocha coffee takes its name from a port in which Middle Eastern country?
10 A Cosmopolitan cocktail contains the juice of it?
11 What is the vegetable ingredient in a ‘Dubarry Soup’?
12 Which fast-food restaurant would serve you a Double Whopper?
13 Deer meat is commonly known by what name?
14 Paella originates from which European country?
15 Which green sauce is commonly served with pie and mash?
16 Steak tartare is made from what?

Fancy – and local – bouillabaisse at The Gallivant in Camber

17 Pumpernickel is a type of what?
18 In which country did the Granny Smith apple originate?
19 What biscuit is named after a place on the Isle of Wight?
20 Marmalade was originally made from which fruit?
21 Mayonnaise, chopped onion, pickled cucumber and capers gives you which sauce?
22 Along which river is most of France’s Sauvignon Blanc cultivated?
23 What are the three styles of port?
24 Which red wine is drunk when young and is called ‘nouveau’?
25 Which wine has the varieties Malmsey and Sercial?
26 What does APA stand for when it comes to beer?
27 What type of pastry are profiteroles made from?
28 What is the most famous Mexican beer?
29 French cooking, which ‘S’ is a dish of eggs whisked and baked?
30 Which beer famously has a blue 5 pointed star on its label?

Webbes at the Fishcafe in Rye’s Tower Street serving up a starter


1 Tomato
2 Lancashire
3 Switzerland
4 Crocus
5 A type of sushi featuring rice, topped with fish or seafood
6 Rice
7 Haricot beans
8 Cherry
9 Yemen
10 Cranberry
11 Cauliflower
12 Burger King
13 Venison
14 Spain
15 Liqueur
16 Raw beef
17 Bread
18 Australia
19 Osborne
20 Quinces
21 Tartare
22 Loire
23 Ruby, tawny and vintage
24 Beaujolais
25 Madeira
26 American Pale Ale
27 Choux pastry
28 Corona
29 Souffle
30 Newcastle Brown Ale

Image Credits: J. Minter , Britainy Rae , Dee Alsey .



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