English winemaker presses on

David Carr Taylor inspects the vines

Despite the current emergency requirement that prevents many shops, pubs and restaurants from providing their usual service to customers, some are still finding ways to remain actively in business, even if on a much reduced scale.

Much the same does, of course, apply to their suppliers, some of whom have had to shut for the duration, while others have been managing to keep their doors open, to some extent.

View across the vineyard

One of the latter is wine producer Carr Taylor. With a vineyard, now of nearly 40 acres, in Westfield, they will next year, be celebrating 50 years since the first vines were planted.

Since then, they have made quite a name for themselves producing fine English white wines and champagne-style sparkling wines which, as well as appearing on the wine lists of a number of restaurants and being available over the counter at the vineyard shop, also grace the tables of several British embassies around the world.

No surprise, then, to hear that they have won no less than 130 awards, including gold, silver and bronze medals in prestigious international competitions where they would have been up against many of the well-known names in the wine business.

Wine tasting

In normal times it has been possible to not only buy a bottle (or maybe a case) or two over the counter, but also to see the whole wine making operation, from the grapes on the vine to the presses, the vats and finally the bottling plant – a complete new experience in appreciating the final product shimmering in your glass. Indeed these tours were so popular, not just for individuals, but also for groups and coach parties, that hardly a day passed without a group touring the vineyard.

For the time being, of course, that is not possible, however the shop remains open for individual visitors and the whole range of their wines is also available by mail order.

English wines are often thought of as quite expensive, but think again – with their still white wines starting at just £9.99 and the sparkling wine range starting at £21.99, these prices are highly competitive with similar quality found in supermarkets and wine merchants.

Award-winning wines

On their sparkling wines Carr Taylor say “All our sparkling wines are made using the same traditional method as champagne, with a secondary fermentation in the bottle. However, using different grape varieties to champagne results in slightly less austere, more aromatic, fruity flavours which have proved to be consistently popular over the years”.

Full details and prices of all their wines together with mail order details are on their website.

Why buy from Australia or California when we could (and arguably should) be supporting better quality wine from our local growers, especially in these unusual times.

Rye News supports local enterprises. If you have a business that is trying hard in these difficult times, do contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Image Credits: Carr Taylor , Carr Taylor Vineyard .


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