Going the extra yard

Royal Mail goes above and beyond

Many companies and individuals in Rye have risen to the challenges presented by the pandemic and have provided excellent service to people in need. Sometimes this has involved reinventing their business, for example by transforming into a takeaway or offering home deliveries. Other times this has meant carrying on as normal, despite the unusual and difficult circumstances.

One service I have come to appreciate more and more over this period is the Royal Mail. I imagine the workload of the postal workers has increased hugely. I know I have been ordering a lot more online. I have two regular post people, one a man, the other a woman. I don’t know which of them was responsible for the latest delivery. I was obviously out at the time and the box was too big to fit through my letterbox. But rather than just leave me a note saying that I would have to pick it up from the depot, the post person decided to cut though an alley way near my house, go round to the back and pop the parcel over the gate. A note through my door informed me that this had been done.

What a service! Thank you Royal Mail.

Image Credits: Seana Lanigan .


  1. Our posties are amazing. I agree, they are always going the extra mile to make sure our parcels are safe and they always have a welcome smile and happy to have a chat. Well done you are all very much appreciated.


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