Harbour lifeboat rescues yacht

Rye Harbour's lifeboat tows in a broken down yacht

On Thursday, July 2 at 4:24pm, RNLI Rye Harbour’s lifeboat was requested to launch by HM Coastguard to a 28ft fin keeled yacht in trouble with a broken down engine.

Because of the state of the tides this necessitated a low-water launch from the beach involving John Rogers as tractor driver and Jamie Guinn took the helm of Hello Herbie II, our Atlantic 85, with Stuart Clark, Lucy Green and George Clark as volunteer crew.

Jamie commented upon his return: “We launched at the beach into fairly challenging conditions. By the time the casualty was located it was rough and windy. We secured a tow and returned with the yacht to Rye to moor safely at Strand Quay.”

Chris King, launching authority today said: “The launch went smoothly and the volunteer crew were successful in rescuing the yacht with the broken down engine and the three males on board. They worked, as always, professionally and their hours of dedicated training stood them in good stead to bring this shout to a satisfactory and safe conclusion”.

Image Credits: ktbruce .


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