How to double your money

An easy way to donate to Rother Environmental Group

After two relatively inactive years in 2014 and 2015, the Rother Environmental Group (REG) resumed activities during 2016. The Trustees plan a strong programme of events for 2017 and will be discussing these plans with the members at the AGM on November 22.

To encourage expanded membership, the Trustees will propose to the AGM a new subscription policy – that members should contribute what they feel able to, subject to a minimum of £5. The recommended amount is the current membership fee of £10, but REG will leave members free to choose the contribution they wish to make. They can however double online donations up to £10 through

Events organised by the group during the last year included the screening of Chasing Ice at the Kino cinema, co-hosting a planning forum in Bexhill and giving financial support to several projects including the installation of solar panels on the Rye Studio School and new signage in the Pett Level Nature Reserve. Source: Rother Environmental Group


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