Old scholars reminisce

Old Scholars reminisce

On a very wet evening on Saturday, September 22, some 90 old scholars (and staff) who had attended either Rye Grammar School, Rye County Secondary Modern School and/or Thomas Peacocke School in the 1960s gathered together for a reunion organised by the Rye Old Scholars Association (ROSA) committee at the Sidney Allnutt Cricket Pavilion, including the Richard Merricks room, on the Salts in Rye. It was an appropriate venue given its connection to two well-loved and respected figures from the history of Rye Grammar School: teacher Sidney Allnutt and former pupil Richard “Rick” Merricks.

Old scholars catch up on 50 years of news

Despite the weather, and the consequent inability to use in full the marquee which had been erected specially for the event, the general consensus was that a good time was had by all. As well as enjoying a buffet supper prepared by members of the ROSA committee (and the bar!), and a display of mementos from the schools, much reminiscing took place. School friends, who in some cases had not seen each other for over 50 years, met again. Name badges were needed to identify former colleagues, given how the space of time has changed us all! Cries of “oh, it’s you!” were frequently heard.

Image Credits: Tim Rothwell .


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