Primary Limelight

Orcas measuring friction


Clownfish are enjoying their new topic, “Intrepid Explorers”. In art and design this term, the children will be making mobiles of the solar system, drawing aliens and making model aliens out of clay. In our first art lesson this term the children used pastels to create their own fantastic solar system pictures.



Dolphins class designed, made and evaluated fairground rides! We spent a lot of time planning and tinkering with circuits and pulley systems. Then we got into our groups and created some fantastic fairground rides. They turned out great!


Orcas class are very excited about the new topic: metals and magnets. We have started writing a story about the Iron Man. We are learning about forces and have conducted our first fair test. We predicted which surface outside would have the most friction using a toy car and rulers to measure the distance the cars would drive. We are also very excited about designing and making a moving storybook and are learning about mechanisms to make this happen.


The children in Pugwash have been continuing to explore and learn all about the season of autumn. We had spooky potion making in the role play area during Halloween.

We used numicon to make rangoli patterns during our learning about Diwali.

The children who have been attending forest school sessions have been learning to use tools safely when working.


Sea Turtles

In key stage 1, we are really excited about beginning our new topic, “Intrepid Explorers”, in which our learning is blasting off to the moon and beyond!  As we wanted to learn how to write brilliant letters, we found out about the inspirational space scientist and science communicator, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.  We thought of relevant questions to ask her and planned our letters carefully.  Our letters are now ready to post!  We’ll let you know if we get a reply… fingers-crossed!

Image Credits: Rye Primary .


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