Pumping up the boars

Tatners serve up wild boar burgers at the Farmers Market as the tide creeps up under the van

As Wild Boar Week moves into its second weekend it is competing with Halloween, this Saturday October 31, as half term comes to an end.

One innovation this year is “street food” and Tatner’s was down at the Farmers Market Wednesday dispensing wild boar burgers which, with bacon, lettuce, tomato and some tongue curdling chilli cheese, were enough for two meals.

Luckily the van was well above the high tide, which nearly reached under its centre point, and the van will be making other appearances by the Butter Market under the Town Hall and at the Halloween Ball at the Milligan Theatre Saturday.

The rugby club is also holding a Halloween event and shops, pubs and other venues have all been jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon.

Cordelia James in the High Street
Cordelia James in the High Street
Johnson's Fruiterer's
Johnson’s Fruiterer’s

Photos: Ray Prewer