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The Recycle Swap Shop in St Marys Centre in Lion Street opened its doors once more on Saturday, May 20. The group responsible alternates between Lion Street and Tilling Green Community Centre. They deserve a big thank you for their dedication, from the people who use the swap, as it helps the environment. It is quite a lot of work to sort all the stuff people bring in the early morning of the day and at the end, , to clear up whatever is left and get rid of it either to charity shops or take it to recycling places in the area.

Choose wisely

When it is busy it takes time to weigh all the items and record it as people leave. The reason for this is to ascertain how much is saved from going to landfills and  to see that, hopefully, the time spent has been worth it.  The visitors have great fun bringing what they might not need any more and perhaps find a bargain to take home without any money being exchanged. I was told that by 11.30 they had seen 133 people.

The next Recycling Swap Shop is on September 16, 9:30am – 12pm, at Tilling Green Centre, Tilling Green. If you would like more information go to www.transitionrye.org.uk



Photo: Heidi Foster

Image Credits: Supplied by Transition Rye .


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