Things that go bump in the night

Photo from Rye Museum collection

This month’s Rye Museum Zoom talk will be delivered by the museum association’s chairman, Jo Kirkham, on Thursday, May 13 at 7pm and the topic is “Ghosts of Rye”.

Rye is by repute one of the most haunted towns in Britain and some years ago Jo, with the help of some students from Thomas Peacocke Community College, gathered reports of ghostly goings-on around the town – and a surprising number of people came forward with stories to tell.

The result was the volume “Rye Memories 24: Ghosts and Things That Go Bump in the Night!” (available for purchase from the museum) and Jo will describe some of the more interesting cases she has gathered from the book and elsewhere – as the museum does receive the occasional email asking for the history of a certain building because “my parents stayed there in the sixties and saw something strange.”

If you would like to attend the May lecture, send an email to for instructions. If you attended the April talk, you will automatically receive a link to this one.

Talks are free for museum members until we meet again in person and the fee is £5 for non-members – but membership is as low as £12 for an annual single subscription. Details are on our website or can be shared by email. Eventually, the museum hopes to return to in-person talks, but no plans are yet in place.

Image Credits: Rye Museum .


  1. Rye is actual very much famous for his ghosts also abroad. Two years ago a German book about the ghosts of Rye was published which takes great pleasure to the German-speaking readership. It could be found e.g. at or in the Rye Information Point: “Haben Sie die Geister gesehen?”


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