Defending the Strand Gate

Can the iconic Strand Gate in Winchelsea, which has been defending the Ancient Town for 700 years, survive the battering it is receiving from oversized vehicles ignoring height and width restrictions? Local residents are taking action to enforce the law

Rye country market re-opens

Rye's country market has recently re-opened after its winter break between Christmas and Easter. It is worth sitting for a while in the Community Centre queue at 9.45 am on Friday mornings, swapping news and a little gentle badinage, in anticipation of the doors opening at 10

Museum adds Mapp and Lucia

Last year's BBC filming of Mapp and Lucia in Rye (EF Benson's 'Tilling') is marked by a new display in the East Street site of Rye Museum which has just re-opened for the summer. It is now open at weekends and Bank Holidays to show off aspects of Rye's varied history - and is free to visit

Winchelsea gets a defibrillator

Winchelsea has joined the growing list of villages in the district which now have a Public Access Defibrillator, courtesy of local charity Rother Responders. The PAD will greatly increase the chances of survival if anyone, resident or visitor, suffers a cardiac arrest in Winchelsea

Record set at Swap Shop

The first recycle swap shop of 2015 set a new record for the amount brought. Trained volunteers were there, as well, to give advice on how to save energy and cut energy bills. Mike Pepler reports.

Public ballot on car park row

Is Icklesham Parish Council proposing to write an open cheque to Rother District Council for the next century? Residents angry at the suggestion of taking over unknown costs to run Rye Harbour car park and public toilets have called a Parish Poll

Free home repairs by Rother?

Does your house have loose tiles? Are there windows that need replacing? Worried about the expense? Well, why not hoist the cost onto Rother District Council? That's what an Icklesham parish councillor and former mayor of Winchelsea has managed to do

‘You must lobby’ for rail upgrade

Following her detailed briefing to the annual meeting of the MarshLink Action Group about the proposed Javelin rail service, Lisa Goodman, senior development manager at Network Rail, took questions from the floor, during which she stressed the importance of applying political pressure

An expert eye on Javelin’s future

The future of our rural economy hinges, some believe, on faster rail links with London. One of the leading figures involved in evaluating a 90mph Javelin service to Rye has just given a briefing on how Network Rail is weighing up the options that confront those wanting to make it a reality. Lisa Goodman was rich in detail. Nick Taylor gives a detailed report on the technical issues she discussed

Southern Rail excuses fall flat

Commuters from Rye have been angered for months by cancellations of services and the shortcomings of rolling stock. Southern Rail sent an executive to soothe members of the MarshLink Action Group at its annual meeting last week. But the efforts were derailed - for once, not by a failed diesel unit

Low point in Winchelsea High Street

There was more bad news for residents of Winchelsea worried about the future of the dwindling number of shops in the town after the publication of the latest accounts by owner Winchelsea Farm Foods. Over three-quarters of a million pounds were lost and 15 staff dismissed

Museum throws open its doors

Come to the East Street museum on Saturday morning, March 28 from 10:30 for refreshments and to celebrate the reopening at weekends. Also check...

Charity farm’s first birthday

Little Gate Farm in Beckley, a care farm and registered charity for learning disabled adults and children, celebrates its first birthday on Saturday March...

From Richard III to Rye

Mass at St Anthony’s, Rye, this Palm Sunday will be celebrated by the Major Superior of the Greyfriars order, the Very Rev Peter Damian...

Pretty saplings all in a row

A small army of volunteer gardeners rolled up their sleeves to get their hands dirty planting 300 saplings for the new community garden next to Love Lane allotments. Why not come and help next time? Volunteers are always welcome!

£96k Partnership loss ‘not major’

Exchanges enlivened this year’s annual meeting of Rye Partnership when chairman Keith Glazier was confronted with questions from Anthony Kimber and organic farmer Christopher Strangeways. They wanted to know more about the money trail of the Partnership’s projects: a spending breakdown in detail because the accounts presented lacked the detail sought. At one stage Glazier described a £96,000 loss as “not major”, not one that gave the Partnership “any concern” though he did promise that a breakdown of that loss would be sent to Strangeways - a week later that promise has, as yet, to be kept. It also became apparent, after the meeting, that Rye’s town hall has never received minutes of any Partnership meeting. “No reports, summaries or minutes are sent/received,” said Richard Farhall, the Town Clerk. Neither do councillors on the board represent the town council. Sam Soustser says he represents Rother, Jo Kirkham says she represents Rye Voluntary Services

Challenging questions to directors

The debate between directors of Rye Partnership, members and the public had no flash points but there were clear areas of concern. These included Tilling Green's new community centre, projects and financial losses. We publish some of the exchanges word-by-word . . .

‘Acid attack’ charity run

Wendy Vu, owner of Elegant Nails in Landgate is running in the Hastings half-marathon on Sunday to raise money for a Vietnamese child injured and scarred in an acid attack.

1066 website replaces tourist office

Limited tourist information services will move to the Rye Heritage Centre on Strand Quay following the Lion Street office closure. While visitors to the town will find answers to their enquiries, phone calls and email requests will be handled by The 1066 Country website

Roadworks cut off Winchelsea

For several nights, residents of the Ancient Town have found themselves cut off from Rye by roadworks on the A259 and having to get home via Pett. This is despite assurances from the Highways Agency and its contractor that they would be escorted in and out of the village.