The film cameras are back

Be warned. The film cameras are back on our historic streets, on West Street and Mermaid Street and in Church Square, in particular. But...

Where waste is not wasted

Continuing pressure on waste collectors to recycle as much as possible can mean changes to when and how bins (or sacks) are collected. Also Rother Council have just introduced more changes from June 1. But what happens to the waste collected from our black bins which can not be recycled? Anthony Kimber reports from one site where waste turns into power for our homes

Green bins may overflow

Local residents all seem to have been told about new waste collection arrangements by Rother Council, either by email or letter, or both -...

Lorraine’s rocket splashes down

Rye Scallop Week star Lorraine Bowen, given the Golden Buzzer by David Walliams on "Britain's Got Talent", who called her "Britain's answer to Beyonce",...

Election could cost town £5,500

Rye has a casual vacancy to fill on its Town Council - and an election may be called, costing the town £5,000 or more. The new council is concerned at the cost compared to the other choice - co-option. The clock is ticking, as Charles Harkness explains. But electors may be kinder to possible candidates than the newly elected councillors. However those same candidates could have stood a few weeks ago when the town last voted

Raising awareness of dementia

As our population lives longer, dementia is on the increase affecting more and more people. But what are the facts, and more importantly, the answers to some basic questions? A new local group has been formed in national Dementia Awareness Week to improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. Kenneth Bird reports

River rescue saves dog owner

A spaniel and its female owner were rescued from the depths of the river at Rye Harbour by RNLI volunteers, after the dog ran over the retaining sea wall

Roger Breeds, a true Ryer

A former Mayor of Rye whose family has a very long history in the town has died. Town councillors and staff will be out in their finery for a civic ceremony at St Mary's on the morning of June 10, and Jim Hollands from Rye's Own recalls the man behind the Mayor

Gold award for local lifeboat man

Volunteer Tony Edwards (pictured above), deputy launching authority at Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat Station, was awarded the RNLI's prestigious Gold Badge on Thursday May...

Southern’s summer hold up

The winter train timetables change in May to a summer timetable. It said so five months ago on the front of the "Winter Train...

Take note – post office is open

In response to a Rye News story, Winchelsea's sub post office has finally been advertised.

For sale – only £4.5 million

For sale. Six beds. Space for nanny and staff. A snip at only £4.5m. Set yourself up as squire of Winchelsea by buying the Ancient Town's "big 'ouse". Richard Comotto reports

Mayor’s anger at neglect

Councillors Bernadine Fiddimore and Jonathan Breeds are back for another year as Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively. At the traditional annual ceremony, hot pennies were flung to the streets below and the Mayor spoke of her anger about the neglect of the town

Queen visits Rye garden

A swarm of worker bees and their old queen had the good taste to visit Rye last week, settling on a rose bush in a local garden. Expert Cathy Pope was able to tempt the bees into a special container and has taken them to a new home where they will be able to make honey while the sun shines. Andrew Bamji reports

Hot pennies hit the streets

Rye Mayor-making ceremony, postponed due to the general election, will now take place on Monday May 18, complete with macebearers, full regalia and traditional 'hot penny' throwing. We also have details of revised rubbish collection days and temporary road closures.

Dementia group launches in Rye

Rye and District Dementia Action Alliance are ready to launch at the end of May during national dementia awareness week. The group set up towards the end of last year is now signing up businesses and charities. Read Daliea Redman's report here

Learn to save a life

Would you like to learn skills that could save a life? writes Carl Fraser. Rother Responders are providing free training in Winchelsea on May 21 from...

Another Winchelsea secret

Like many things in Winchelsea, the resurrected post office seems to be a secret. After a chequered history in recent times, the post office re-opens two days a week - but who knows ? And would it be better off in the pub ? Richard Comotto reports.

Lifeboat damaged in rescue dash

Rye lifeboat, on a mercy mission to rescue a person in the river near Strand Quay, suffered major damage and three crew members were injured when it hit an unlit submerged obstruction

Three die in A259 crash

Three people died on Sunday in a traffic accident on the A259, to the east of Rye. The collision, at 3:50 pm, involved a...