A resort for all seasons

With the light fading, it's now time to go home

Christmas and new year were unusually mild this time around and as new year’s day fell on a Sunday we all enjoyed what seemed like an extra long break with Monday being a bank holiday. A Christmas lockdown was discussed and a possibility we were all dreading, further Covid restrictions seemed likely over the festive season but thankfully we were all permitted to travel (at least in the UK) and visit friends and family if we felt it was safe to do so. The difference this time was that we had the choice, able to make informed decisions rather than act on blanket directives from government, we had to weigh up the risks and make a judgement, the onus was on us as individuals.

Jurys Gap, a hive of industry whatever the weather

But with the majority of the population double jabbed and with the booster programme moving forward at quite a pace, meeting up with family, friends and relatives seemed reasonable, subject to all the necessary testing and isolating required. The weather, although wet, was very mild and in our favour and with the extended break this year, many of us decided to taker the plunge and make the most of our new found freedom.

Yellow no parking signs line the verges at Camber

Walking along the sands at Jurys Gap on Monday afternoon, it struck me how many others had decided to do the same thing. The car park, although not as manic as we saw last summer, was full and there were literally hundreds of people on the beach and why not? The promenade had a mixture of families with children christening their new bikes and radio controlled monster trucks, elderly couples enjoying the fresh air and a dry surface to walk on, joggers doing their thing and dog walkers meeting new friends along the route.

On the sands it was a different story, everywhere you looked there were kite surfers, flying through the air, some somersaulting, sails of differing sizes and colours and in among the activity were many more families, couples, dog walkers and groups of people just having a really good time, away from the TVs, computers and left over Christmas fayre.

All along the verges, new distinctive yellow no parking signs have sprung up, Pontins has enjoyed a makeover and at nearby Park Dean caravan park the entrance looks very festive and inviting. Further investment has also been made there by installing more concrete pads for static caravans on land which was formally occupied by campers and visiting mobile homes.

It was great to see that Camber, and particularly Jurys Gap, are not just tourist destinations for the summer months, but whatever the weather Camber caters for everyone it seems, and when it’s cold, wet and windy the usual hordes of sun worshippers stay away, and instead, a new selection of visitors make their pilgrimage.  Camber, the resort which is proving to be a very popular ‘go to’ destination. Camber is not just for summer, it’s for Christmas and new year too.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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