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No access from the market to Cinque Ports Vets

I recently had to take my dog to Cinque Ports Vets and was fortunately able to walk him there, but it did get me thinking about the access.

With the closure of access, by foot as well as car, from the market car park this means that people who park in the car park would have to carry their animal a fair distance to the vet surgery. If they do manage to park at the surgery they have a difficult entry from Cinque Ports Street and a hazardous blind exit.

I have been led to understand that all points of access to the rear of properties on Cinque Ports Street have had their leases/permits withdrawn.

I wonder why. If it’s because people going to the vets were not paying to park then that must also apply to a large number of other people using the car park and it must be worth the owners paying someone to carry out random checks to ensure people do pay.

The only time in my professional career that I have come across similar behaviour is when clients were considering selling their site and were advised by their legal teams to terminate all peripheral access arrangements in order to have a clean unencumbered site to sell. I can’t help wondering.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. Rather fake news and very poor reporting to spread idle gossip without a grain of truth to the story !!

    The vets always had a license to have an access from the market car park. On it’s recent renewal, they decided it wasn’t important enough matter to renew the license until it was too late.

    Contrary to what Mr Stott has applied, Rye Cattle Market Company Ltd……….. who happen to be one of the oldest registered Companies in England that are still trading……… has no intention to sell the site, now or in the future.

    • Thank you for your comment, Simon. However it was neither ‘news’ (fake or otherwise) nor was it ‘reporting’ (good or bad). This article appears in our Opinion columns because it is simply that – an opinion based on the experience of the Rye News reader who wrote it. I note the reasons you give for the closure of the Vets’ access. Did the same tardiness apply to the Cinque Ports pub and any other properties with access to the car park, and did they also not consider access important until too late? Did they subsequently decide that they did, after all, need access, and if so why could not a new license be agreed? Your comment seems to pose as many questions as it answers.

  2. Fake news or not, the point is somebody has paid for an expensive security fence and the message is clear. No chance of pedestrian or vehicular access in the medium term future.
    Incidentally, the loss of access to the vet includes blocking off the Baptist church car park, with the important, much used Food Bank. Heavy bags now have to carried up the narrow footpath to Cinque Ports Street.

  3. It would presumably be relatively easy to insert a “pedestrian size” access gate at points in the fence if anyone wanted to change their mind?

  4. By blocking of rear access to these properties,especially the vets, could also be detrimental to firefighters, trying to gain entry if there was a serious fire., and also peoples pets,if they have to stay in over night.


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