Clean up your act, Rother

Gibbet Marsh recycling centre on a 'tidy' day

The constant deplorable state of the recycling area in Gibbet Marsh, Rye needs to be dealt with. Its bins are regularly overflowing and disgusting.

As visitors park up for their visit to the Town in the car park, what must they think? What’s their first impression? Councillor Erswell on Rye Town Council has taken this cause up but to no avail.

What will it be like after Christmas with all the bottles and wrapping when it’s like this every week normally. They have already removed the bulk electrical item bin but people still put things there. It’s awful, a health hazard and a blight on the Town of Rye. A properly run recycling area needs to be addressed by Rother District Council.

This is not the first complaint that Rye News has received about this area. It is the responsibility of Rother to keep it clean and in good order. We would welcome any comment from our Rother District councillors on what RDC propose to do about this.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


    • Why is it the Councils fault?
      Errrm could it be that the bins are often full to overflowing and are left for days/weeks at a time like that? Could it be RDC consider removing garbage and waste an unloved expense that can be ignored, if the garbage and waste is not in their own back yard?
      Could it be RDC will blame government cuts and austerity?
      The £114,000 costs RDC had to pay for their failed Crown Court prosecution on illicit waste disposal would surely have paid for a few more bins and a regular emptying program for the same.
      Perish the thought some one in RDC will put up their hands and admit at least some of the fault.

  1. Perhaps if people used the bins for the purpose they were there for ie paper, cardboard and recycling rather than general household rubbish (as the bins often contain) the area would be less cluttered and overflowing.

  2. Every one seems to be missing the point.
    It’s not Rother who are responsible but the stupid people over filling the bins.
    They just dump their recycling instead of finding empty bins elsewhere.


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