CPE consultation ignored?

A parking meter in Eastbourne, and these meters could be occupying our pavements soon

Dear Editor,

This might be too late to comment on. This is the ESCC officers report on CPE (Civil Parking Enforcement) to the planning committee for the meeting on January 15 at Lewes. Interesting that every objection raised in each area where CPE is to be imposed has met with rejection and a recommendation to do the same to the planning committee.

One wonders if this is legal? To feign consultation then implement the agenda you had from the beginning given that there are statutory guidelines to the implementation of CPE that local authorities must have regard to.

This is the kind of behaviour is corrosive to public trust and renders any future review on CPE potential useless.

David Nixon
Rye Chamber of Commerce.

Rye News asked Rye’s ESCC councillor, Councillor Keith Glazier for any comments on this and he replied as follows:

“As local member for Rye I have always supported the need for civil parking enforcement in Rye to enable the enforcement of parking restrictions that have been ignored for many years, resulting in potentially preventing emergency vehicles reaching some parts of the town whilst making life for pedestrians and other motorists very difficult.

“I have read the objections, including those from Rye Town Council and understand some of the points raised, also having discussed the proposal at length with residents have concluded that CPE in the proposed form is better than not taking any action. I also understand that any unresolved issues will be considered in subsequent parking reviews following implementation of the scheme.

“The Chamber of Commerce’s criticism of the county council’s approach to the introduction of CPE is unhelpful. Officers made it clear from the outset that, if approved, CPE would be applied to existing parking restrictions in the first instance. Ample opportunity would be given for amendments and additional restrictions through annual parking reviews following the introduction of CPE.

“This is the same approach adopted when CPE was introduced in Lewes District, Eastbourne and Hastings Boroughs where annual reviews have worked very well over the years. Where objections to the proposals and requests for changes have been received following the public consultation, these will be presented to planning committee next week for determination where officers haven’t been able to resolve, which is the appropriate democratic process.”

Readers who would like further details of the planning committee’s discussion may be interested to know that we understand it is being broadcast and a recording will also be available later.

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy .


  1. Surely it must be a good move to implement the one hour parking.
    I for one would use the local shops more if there was parking for customers.
    It seems to me the parking places are currently used by some business owners who leave their vehicles parked up all day.


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