RDC’s 150,000 pieces of silver


Frank Langrish had to pay £150k for Camber Fields as he was up against a phone bidder – so RDC trousered lots more than they would’ve done had they actually done what they were mandated to do and sold before the auction, so they’ll feel vindicated. As, no doubt, Gordon Brown felt when he sold off most of the UK’s gold reserves at a ‘premium’ that pretty soon afterwards turned out to be a giveaway as just about every one else in the whole world other than the dour, financially incompetent Chancellor knew! Great news Frank has got it rather than than some odious  middle son of an equally odious property developer. Or an arms dealer! Shame he has had to pay such top dollar though!

Having gone for such a premium this shows that RTC’s dreams of buying back any other of our larger former assets in the future (Gibbets Marsh?) is unlikely to succeed as RDC will be salivating at all the cash they can extract from Rye! And to spend on what? Buying batteries of brand new coin operated Corby Trouser Presses to be installed in the De La Warr green room to make money out of the talent? Purchasing a pair of beach huts at Cooden beach to rent out to junior members of the Danish royal family and/or Zayn Malik’s tattooist’s lover’s ageing parents? Or to buy a pair of prize winning budgerigars – one from a strain bred by the playboy racing driver James Hunt and the other from a family bred originally by Geoff Capes the shotputter – whose chicks will deliver a much better return on the asset than Frank’s rent ever did! Gosh there are so many useful and financially rewarding things they can do with their money that was wasting away in the ground in Rye!

As I say it is really great that Frank has the land! Although I still can’t help feeling it would have been so much better had it remained in public ownership.


  1. Its time for Rother district council,to use some of this money to restore the Landgate Tower,which they have allowed to deteriate, whilst being custodians of this ancient monument, over to you Lord Ampthill,to ensure this happens.


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