Sign of things to come

Phase 2 of the Martello, Bridge Point development

Walking along Bridge Point on Monday, it strikes you how established the ‘new’ houses are beginning to look. The timber cladding is weathering nicely, the houses finally blending in with the surroundings and, with most of them now occupied, there are signs of life. Cars on the drives and gardens are being planted with a variety of established shrubs which add to the feeling that these houses are becoming established now.

The developers, Martello Developments, have erected signs which tell us all what is to come in phase two, and which includes the new riverside walk amongst other substantial changes which will happen in due course. Whatever your perspective or point of view is, this area will change considerably – for better, or for worse, time will tell.

Elsewhere, if you look around, there are so many areas where investment in some parts of Rye is sadly lacking. At least at Bridge Point the development potential has been recognised, the planners have supported what is to come, and perhaps more investors will be tempted to invest in Rye as a result.

The property market is a very volatile beast but, ironically, the pandemic has focussed buyers’ attention on moving out of suburbia and closer to the coast and, come the summer, I imagine the huge influx of tourists we all witnessed coming to Camber and Rye in the summer of 2020 (yes, it feels like a long time ago ) will come again – but this time, many might decide to return and stay for good. Interesting times ahead methinks.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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