Stop this Military Road development

part of route 259 support wall

Rye residents still reeling from the loss of the Globe Inn garden to developers, now face a fresh onslaught as planning is submitted to Rother for further development in the conservation area. A small parcel of land just south of the Globe sold by East Sussex Council in 2018 to be used for amenity only, has been subject to a change-of-use planning application which would see the site built upon to accommodate a luxury garage with studio flat above, though the shower in the initial planning has now been taken out.

The submitted architect’s design, which shows a slab-sided monstrosity more than six metres high, seven metres long and five metres deep, would seem better suited to a Florida boat yard but is in no way suitable to sit alongside the charming and historic public house or the many early Victorian Grade II-listed terraced houses opposite. This new application would require metre-deep excavations adjacent to the dilapidated retaining wall which serves to hold up the main A268 carriageway running behind and above the site.

Planning consent will destroy habitats in the greenery

The Rother District Council planning portal has seen an avalanche of objection letters but given the recent bewildering decision to grant permission to build three indoor tennis courts further along Military Road, residents are understandably anxious it will not be enough to halt unnecessary and unwanted over-development. Indeed, should this application get the green light it would be a real slap in the face for those involved in putting together the Rye Neighbourhood Plan recently approved at referendum which seeks to discourage vehicle use whilst protecting green space, trees and other important habitats. Sadly there is little hope for the preservation of historic Rye if this application is approved.


Image Credits: Chris Beaven .


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