Tracing one of Rye’s best poets

Books by Patric Dickinson

I wonder if you can help me? I’m researching Patric Dickinson, the poet, who lived at 38, Church Sq in Rye.

It’s rather a complicated story but I have a house (High Ground, Manesty, Borrowdale, Nr Keswick) up in the Lake District where he and his wife Sheila used to stay. It belonged to her uncle, a man called William Zimmerman.

Patric Dickinson had a son called David and a daughter called Gin (Virginia?) who must be around 70 years old now (approx?) and I’m wondering if either of them still live in Rye or if anyone knows them? They, too, used to come and stay at High Ground when they were little.

Patric wrote a lovely letter to the previous owner of High Ground in 1982 in which he mentions staying at the house.

I’m actually trying to find out more information about High Ground. It was built in 1910 for Mr Zimmerman as a holiday home. He actually lived in Loughton in Essex in another house he had built which was designed by MH Baillie Scott, the Arts and Crafts Architect. I’d like to know if Mr Zimmerman had Baillie Scott Design High Ground too (most of B.S records were destroyed in a fire unfortunately so there’s no real record). Mr Zimmerman died in 1955.

Any help regarding relations of Patric Dickinson would be great but I appreciate this is all a bit of a long shot! It would be great if any of them have any memories of High Ground.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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