Vaccine lottery?


My mother (who lives in Rye Harbour) will be 94 years old in April, and she has pulmonary fibrosis.

She is still able to get about and loves life although she gets very breathless and can’t walk far. She is shielding as her survival rate, if she contracted Covid-19, is zero. I can’t understand why she has not been invited for her vaccine yet.

No one wants to speak to you and I do understand the NHS can’t take all these calls, but I am wondering if this is a postcode lottery. She should be one of the first and yet we have heard nothing and don’t know where to go for help. I don’t know if you can help at all with this.

Thank you

[Editor’s note: Apparently the vaccinations are being organised by the Chief Nursing Officer of the Sussex Community Foundation Trust headquartered in Lewes, but mainly active in Brighton, who have organised a vaccination centre in Etchingham in a community centre said to be a mile’s walk from the station (if you don’t have a car) which is supposed to open next Monday January 18].

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  1. Sandra is right to point out the woeful way in which Rye and the surrounding villages are being treated in the vaccine rollout.
    The NHS website doesn’t mention any GP surgeries in the Rye area, most around Hastings being directed to the Kings Church on the Ridge.
    If, as reported today, our centre is to be in Etchingham, with no public transport, Sandra’s mother should have a taxi there and back, paid by the NHS, as it would be in France.
    Anecdotally my two sisters in Lewes and Hampden Park have both had the vaccine close to their homes. A friend in Orkney tells me all over 80s and care home residents and staff have already been inoculated.
    I don’t believe there is nowhere around Rye with sufficient space to act as a hub.
    The Rye Medical Centre managed the Winter Flu vaccinations in the autumn with no problem.

  2. It appears that Rye is very much the “poor relation” in the whole vaccination saga.
    The fact that people of all age groups living in Rye and it’s environs are expected to go all the way to Etchingham for a vaccination frankly, beggars belief.
    Does anyone who might be associated with organising what would seem to be relatively straightforward
    exercise possess a grain of common sense? I despair!
    I have friends living in Appledore,Kent – not too far away-who are due to be vaccinated on Monday.


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