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Exit columnist, stage right

A columnist exits (running), but a feature writer remains and she may have a marathon tale to tell shortly

Local hotel on award shortlist

The Gallivant have been shortlisted for a prestigious award - but do Rye locals do know much about the place ? Britainy Rae has been there to investigate

How not to get bored exercising

My pick of the ways to stay fit in Rye beyond the New Year's Resolution rush.

Halloween in Rye 2015

As I am half-evil, Halloween is obviously my favourite festival. The good half of me loves Rye's community spirited events happening tonight

Rye vs. Jempson’s

A car park sized can of worms has opened up on supermarket Jempson's Facebook page. Complaints are streaming in. The tension between Rye residents and their local supermarket has reached boiling point. Sort of. And are Jempson's not-so-popular responses good PR? Judge for yourself as Britainy Rae highlights a small town's Facebook drama

Twelfth Night At Lamb House

Magical venue, sparkling performances. A beautiful evening... from the worst seat in the house.

Follow your heart

Career changes, engagement and the night I met Amy Winehouse.

Dark art hovers in GCSE show

A refreshingly frank GCSE Art Exhibition at Rye Art Gallery gives a glimpse of life as a teenager in 2015

Bowen buzzes over her BGT break

Scallop pageant judge Lorraine Bowen found nationwide fame overnight as David Walliams's golden buzzer act on "Britain's Got Talent" TV show. But she's still grassroots and would love to return to Rye for another scallop fest. Britainy Rae has an exclusive interview . . .

The good, the bad and the beautiful

The Election has got me thinking about the chasm between 'good' and 'evil'. So I've been out exploring them both

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