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Nisa purchase to benefit Jempsons?

The big beasts of the food industry have been swallowing up the remains of the independent sector but Jemspon's independence is not threatened – in fact recent changes may be good news for our local supermarket

Rye vs. Jempson’s

A car park sized can of worms has opened up on supermarket Jempson's Facebook page. Complaints are streaming in. The tension between Rye residents and their local supermarket has reached boiling point. Sort of. And are Jempson's not-so-popular responses good PR? Judge for yourself as Britainy Rae highlights a small town's Facebook drama

Goodbye Budgens

By Tony McLaughlin The Budgens store on Station Approach in Rye is now fully owned by local grocers Jempson's. The company says that having 100%...

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