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Rail strike – the background

So what's behind this strike? Former railway man John Stedman gives his view

More incompetence from Southern

A Rye News reader supplies yet more evidence that Southern are incapable of running a railway

Chaos continues on Southern

Missing staff and union disputes contribute to continuing chaos and passenger frustration on Southern

Dim light in Marshlink tunnel

A stakeholder conference on Wednesday with Marshlink operators, Southern Railways produced little cheer for hard-pressed passengers. Stuart Harland reports

Train, train gone away?

Are Marshlink passengers getting a fair deal. MLAG thinks not

Southern to be quizzed

Next week, on June 15, Southern Railways will be meeting with stakeholders, including MLAG and other local pressure groups to discuss the current state...

Marsh Link reviewed at MLAG AGM

Javelin service, bi-mode trains, speed limits were all discussed at the AGM of the Marsh Link Action Group

Marshlink rail misery

Commuters suffered yet more frustrating delays on the Marshlink last week, writes Richard Comotto. Problems came to a head on Thursday when every other service between...

Doing it in triplicate . . .

What a way to run a railway! A bemused commuter has complained at the wasteful bureaucracy at Southern Rail that deals with claims for late trains.

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