Car park chaos at Camber

No room for residents as visitors cars block the pavement

Dear Sir
As a local resident in Camber Sands I would love an article to highlight the illegal and dangerous parking issues in Camber following the weekend in the hope that it may force the council to address these issues. We need traffic wardens. I would like to set up a meeting for the local residents of Camber to talk about the horrendous weekend we have endured.

Its a tight squeeze between car and fence

The illegal parking in our village has reached boiling point for local residents and is dangerous. As locals we have witnessed tourists ignoring car-park staff, speeding towards them and aggressively revving their engines at these car-park attendants when they are told to turn around because the car park is full, these same tourists were all mounting the pavements outside the Rye Bay Cafe and driving on the pavement past the attendants at some speed towards people.
They have parked on people’s drives, across drives, on double yellow lines, on pavements and it’s dangerous. I had to walk in the middle of the main road for about 100 yards to get home with my one-year-old son in his pram because cars had parked on the pavement and I simply couldn’t get through. I then had tourists swearing and abusing me in front of my son when we were just trying to get home.
The fact that there are no traffic wardens monitoring this is ridiculous and makes it extremely difficult for emergency services to get through the village. What is it going to take for the council to do something about this? A death? What? I am going to kick up such a fuss about this that it will not be able to be ignored any longer. 
Carly Bowler

Photos: Carly Bowler


  1. This is terrible. I have seen the same at other resorts on the coast. I think after problems in Joss Bay with selfish drivers driving and parking on foootpaths, they have wardens ticketing them even at the weekend. Would surely be self-financing?
    I think I read that people driving cars on pavements killed over 100 people a year.

  2. No Wardens, limited Police Resources, tens of thousands of people descending all expecting parking places (HUH???) and complete misery for residents. No matter how many signs are put up, people hell bent on getting to THAT BEACH will ignore them and carry on regardless. Last year a Police Officer stopping cars from even entering the Camber approach told me drivers were sneaking round behind him and driving the wrong side of the keep left signs and over the grass verges to get past him. Its not so much enforcement that needs to change, it’s people’s attitudes. This whole situation is a disgrace, and it’s only May!

  3. This happens every year and the only improvement has been easing access to car parks with Pay and Display. Its about time Rother and East Sussex highways invested this income into much more in traffic safety, (proper speed control along Lydd Road and parking controls and staff for Camber and Rye.

  4. Its not more police and wardens needed,Its more CAR PARKs .Another couple of fields need to be bought up for the use of. Drivers get desperate when they find there is nowhere to stop after having driven miles and miles.There is no forward planning with the Council. It was the same with the Life-Guard situation. Something awful has to happen before they do anything.

    • Wrong, I’ve lived in camber for 20 years and it’s been getting worse over the last few years but it is every bank holiday and for the full 6weeks in the summer. Imagine living somewhere and for every summer daily having cars parking on or blocking your drive that you own and having a child or relative that needed an ambulance and it couldn’t get through or even something simple as your online food order being cancelled as they can’t get to your village! Then imagine someone telling you to ‘get over it’!!!
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  5. A potential answer to this issue is for the electronic sign at the junction of Camber Road and the A259 to display “Clamping in operation”. Reinforce this with physical signage by the lay-bys on the way into Camber. Whether there is any clamping is actually irrelevant- it’s the threat that will deter the day trippers


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