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Published on April 20 2017. Opinions
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Trapped in the car park

We visited Rye on Saturday April 15, parked in riverside parking and went off for the day.  We had a lovely day and lunch. This was soon to be spoiled by bad parking. Myself and one other person took 20 minutes to get our cars out. The car park needs new markings or staff on site. SUVs or large people movers should not be allowed to make other peoples exit almost impossible.

Sorry to have to report this,

J Watson

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  1. Cllr Fiddimore says:

    The Riverside parking in Rye is all privately owned and representations should be made to the various owners.

  2. Margaret Sandra says:

    Whilst I can understand Cllr Fiddimore’s comment on a practical level I would have thought it would have been more helpful to have assured this visitor that as a councillor interested in the economic success of the Town, that the observations would be passed on to the private company and would be adding to the Council’s overall concern about parking in Rye.

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