Where is John's painting?


Good day Rye News,
Firstly I would like to thank your hard working team of volunteers. I thoroughly enjoy my weekly foray from here in Oman into the news and events that unfold in my beloved home town.
I am writing this to explore the possibility that someone may know the whereabouts of a painting that dear John Izod completed before his sad passing.
Whilst sharing a beer with him just before Christmas 2015 at the Mermaid, my wife Fiona commissioned a painting of my three favourite hostelries in Rye and since we were shortly returning to the Middle East we paid him then.
Whilst horse racing in Dubai in March 2016 Fiona received a phone call: John said: “This is an unusual number, where am I calling?” On hearing that it was Dubai he said jokingly: “This must be costing me a fortune!”
His call was to say that the painting was finished. We said that I really look forward to collecting it and enjoying a beer in the summer.
He passed away before I arrived back in Rye. His memorial service led by Jonathan was more than richly deserved and his send off with Jimper on bonfire night spectacular!
We would be delighted to hear if anyone knows the whereabouts of that painting. We have no desire to take it, but think that it would be great if it were to be hung in one of his choice of the three pubs. I have no idea of his choices but I am sure someone will know his favorite.
Kindest regards to you all,
Trevor Blackman


  1. My husband and I were with John’s family after the wake when we went to his flat .I do not remember anything left around that his brother did not know about.
    Having known John since the late 50s, I can say with some confidence that it would not be unusual for him not to have labelled his work fully!
    If you contact me I can put you in touch with his family.
    Good wishes for your hunt.


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