Monthly Archives: March 2014

Violent origins of Rye’s burning boats

Bonfire night in Rye used to be marred by mob rule. Neale East traces the long road from louts with cudgels to volunteers with charity boxes

Record result for Runners

Rye Runners did the town proud. Coach Jeff Pyrah came in fourth and won the title for highest placed Sussex man. Farther back in the field, and a bit later, two of his "marathon virgins" completed their first ever race

Fill those potholes

I heard on local radio that the Government has allocated £15 million for road repairs "in the South" so I do hope at least...

Old pals act for WW1

Two local theatre groups Acting Up in Rye and the Icklesham Players are joining forces to mark the centenary of the start of World...

A traffic-free centre

A Rye couple urges us to think long-term about freeing parts of the Citadel of traffic - to the benefit of shops, residents and visitors. They were impressed recently by how three towns in Italy have tackled the same issues

Power to the Green

Making a difference matters to the people of Tilling Green. Its local residents' association now in its 11th year is going from strength to strength. Dan Lake describes how teamwork continues to be key to making a better community

Change of matron

Rye Hospital has a new matron: Diana Carter who has been working at the hospital for eight years. She takes over from Jan Phelps...

Scanning for lambs

In a series of planned regular countryside articles, local farmer Simon Wright introduces himself to Rye News readers

‘No town plan means no say’

Anthony Kimber believes that those who scoff at a Neighbourhood Plan for Rye need to think again

Unstuck – a parking problem

Residents of Lion Street in Rye, as well as tourists, have frequently protested at traffic jams caused by delivery vehicles illegally parked in the road. The answer, the town council has decided, is to build a loading bay in the High Street

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