Monthly Archives: July 2017

Let’s go to the movies!

The marauding monkeys are back as they and dastardly humans fight each other for survival

In search of rarest flowers

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve can show a huge diversity of wildflife, but the search for the rarest flowers needs an expert guide

Secrets of Priory revealed

A look back in time as members visit a ruin steeped in history

Long road ahead yet for parking

This month the Business Forum discussed the thorny question of parking control

Rafts, boats and shanties

The Festival of the Sea is here

Lifeboat launches three times

A busy start to the week for the new lifeboat

More stupid parking

Yet another example of thoughtless parking causing chaos

Lifeboat holds Open Day

Come and see the new inshore lifeboat at Rye Harbour

Only eight lives left for Bertie

There was joy in East Street as Bertie the bold tomcat was found and returned home

Council house has its problems

Neighbourhood plan, Heritage Centre, discounted accommodation and Bexhill were all discussed at a Town Council committee this week

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