New Pugwash film to be shot here

A favoured location for film-makers, Rye will shortly provide the back-drop for some adventures of the world's most famous pirate Captain Pugwash

‘Away from Realism’ at Gallery

A new exhibition from the permanent collection at Rye Art Gallery is now on show

Requiem Mass for King Louis XVI

A Requiem Mass for King Louis XVI of France and Queen Mary Antoinette will be celebrated at St Mary's Rye on January 21- probably the first such Mass to be held there since the Reformation

Genius of Banksy revealed

Serious art and amusing art shown in a fascinating talk on the artist Banksy

Flying in for the festival

World class musicians are coming to Rye.

Broberg entrances audience

Kenny Broberg, the Hastings Philharmonic and a Fazioli piano were one of the highlights of Rye Arts Festival

Stunning art at the Gallery

A new exhibition from the permanent collection

Out of the darkness – a masterpiece

Ridley Scott was unhappy with the original version of 'Blade Runner' when it was released in 1982. Critics were less than overwhelmed too. Now it's a cult movie. And at the Kino in Rye there are two chances to see Scott's 'Final Cut' version. Nick Taylor illuminates the film's themes and its influences

Pottery’s unsung heroes

Josh Cole talked about the vital part women play at Rye Pottery, why there would be no pottery without Mr Jack, and the importance of design when potting becomes an art

Music Well in tune with Festival

The Music Well get their '15 minutes of fame' for the Jazz Festival

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