Harbour alternative to quarry

Kent County Council is considering plans for quarrying millions of tons of gravel

Fire at the George

A fire has destroyed part of the George Hotel

BP presses for hilltop garage

If at first you don't succeed . . . try, try again

No 1 High Street to re-open

Former Ironmongers Extraordinary shop to re-open shortly

Anger over Camber car park

The entrance to Camber Sands has been visually ruined by excessive signpost notices that constitute a safety hazard, say residents

Temperatures soar in Camber chaos

As the thermometer hit the 90s, crowds flocked to Rye and Camber

Sad end for Strand Quay warship

A destruction awaits this grand old warrior

More trouble in the High Street

Yet another incident in the High Street

Owners give update on George

The owners of The George give information about the status of the building after the fire

Fire destroys Camber farmhouse

A sad event in Camber as a farmhouse was destroyed by fire

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