A musical Wilson, Kepple but no Betty


Making the last of our summer (at least for the moment) the Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association – which keeps members aware of all things happening on the tidal reach of the Rother and its tributaries – held its annual get-together last Sunday, August 14 at River Brede Moorings.

Sails were stretched between boats to give a degree of shelter from the sun and the BYO BBQ was popular even though the decks of most of the boats must have been almost hot enough to cook a steak or beef burger. Sue Bronsdon provided her usual high quality and generous salad to augment the members’ culinary skills.

The main attraction, however, was undoubtedly this year’s entertainment provided by the Fezzheads, a comedic but highly talented group of musicians and vocalists, dressed identically in their version of a striped traditional Egyptian jalabeya and topped with a fez – for all the world like a modern iteration of the famous music hall act of Wilson, Kepple and Betty (anyone younger than early baby boomers may have to Google this).

Boatowners Association members gather

Music from various eras came from the band, while two of their number appeared with a carpet, undoubtedly from the nearest souk (or possibly eBay, and with shades of the Barclays advert with Rowan Atkinson – one almost expected to see one end of the carpet smoking) and provided the comedy element in time, more or less, with the music.

An afternoon of music, laughter and an opportunity to catch up with those we rarely see, being so often scattered in our boats and by the wind, to all different parts of the English Channel.


Image Credits: John Minter .

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