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An exhibition of exceptionally high standard took place over the weekend in Iden parish’s diminutive, but beautifully refurbished Old Hall next to the Church. John Harrison, the chief organiser, (pictured above) had asked local artists to exhibit their work in order to help raise money for the Friends of Iden Church.

Iden Art Show customer
Iden art show customer

Amongst those submitting work for the exhibition were the famous, such as Iden’s own “Old Master”, Fred Cumin RA and Richard Adams, as well as well established artists such as Gillian Eldridge (a member of the New Road artists group in Rye), Stephanie Harrison, John Owen, Robert Greenhalf, Virginia Ridley, Jane Beecham and Karl Terry.

There were a number of other local artists exhibiting whose work you may not be as familiar with yet but maybe you will be one day. Among the local crafts on display were Tom Pockley’s woodturning, Joanna Terry’s ceramics, Lin Pierrepoint’s knitwear and a spectacular ceramic lizard vessel by Charles Ortner.

Pamela Howell, one of Iden’s most respected artists, died earlier this year and her family arranged for some of her works in their own collection to be displayed during the exhibition.

Iden’s Old Hall has been refurbished with the help of the Friends of Iden Church, and has its own kitchen area and disabled lavatory and makes an excellent venue for small exhibitions and talks.

Rye, by Virginia Ridley
Rye, by Virginia Ridley

Painting by Felicity FlutterPainting by Felicity Flutter


[Source and photos: Christopher Strangeways]






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