Bigger, bolder and better


Walking along the High Street, my eye was caught by this poster in Adams newsagents’ window. It’s a very colourful apology that there will be no bonfire celebrations this year, but Rye Fawkes will be back on November 13 2021, Covid-19 free.

The poster was designed by Rodney Mylius, a local resident. He is  a graphic designer credited with the re-branding for British Airways (BA), including the world image tail fins.  He is also responsible for the BA Mylius fonts, designed when he was working for a branding design agency. He has also done re-brands for other well-known clients including Barclays, Selfridges, the National Theatre, Marks & Spencer and Waitrose. For M&S he designed the “Your M&S” Christmas ads.

The poster was printed by Adams.






Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .

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